If you saw a drowning person and you were to choose between saving him or capturing the moment, what aperture will you use ? :)
Exactly. That tells you how crazy we photographers are. But crazy is passionate and crazy is fun. Crazy is what adds life to everything, and that is what we do at Slice of Life Pictures. We capture a moment, shoot it, frame it and then add life back to it. Then the moment is forever yours.

We are Abhishek and Nidhi who run Slice of Life Pictures and love all things beautiful. A strong inclination towards visual arts since childhood made us pursue our passion further when our beautiful daughter was born. We then continued towards nature and landscape photography before finding our true calling in fashion and wedding photography a few years back. Since then we have worked extensively in India, Malaysia and USA, capturing weddings from different cultures, along with many fashion, runway and promotional modeling events.

Our unique brand of photography is a highly innovative blend of candid creativity and momentary inspiration. We provide artistic, modern, photojournalistic based photography all across India – and are available for travel worldwide.