7 tips on hiring the Best Wedding Photographer

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So, you just got engaged - Congratulations! Your search for  jewelry, dresses, gifts, venues, caterers, decorators, photographers etc. has just begun. Unlike purchasing other items or selecting various vendors for your wedding, photographs is something that you will only be able to see at least a month or two after your wedding. Thus choosing a wedding photographer takes careful thought and research. There are a few tips that you should use when selecting a wedding photographer.

1. Find the style you like
There are various styles of wedding photography, and different photographers will have a different eye and specialize in different styles. Therefore, when looking at different photographer’s work, really take notice of how and what they see. You’ll need to decide what type of photography style you prefer. Does candid or spontaneous pictures appeal to you more than the series of traditional, or classic posed pictures? Or you fancy illustrative photography which is a combination of photojournalism and traditional that will include posed pictures, but with more informal poses and contemporary compositions. Some prefer fine art which is similar to documentary photography but with more artsy touch and some like edgy-bold style with unconventional framing such as titled angles and very unique perspectives.
Many photographers can do a blend of various styles but by looking at their portfolios you can figure out if it matches your taste.
2. Start searching early
The best professional photographers book their schedules from 6 months to 12 months in advance, so booking your wedding photographer should be one of the first things you do after the wedding date is fixed.
3. Narrow down your options 
Once you have settled on photography style, you can start shortlisting your top choice photographers. Next step would be to figure out if the photographer will meet your budget as well as your specific needs. It is very important to do some research and get some quotations from other photographers of the same level to get familiar with current pricing scenario. Begin eliminating candidates who aren’t a good fit in terms of services they provide or fall out of your budget bracket. 
4. Great portfolio is not enough
So you like the photographer’s portfolio and have confidence that he/she can capture your wedding exactly the way you want it to be. But that is not enough. The character and personality of the individual who you will hire to capture your day is very important. Your photographer will probably spend more time by your side on your wedding day than anyone else. So make sure your personalities mesh and you like and bond with your photographer.  
5. Trial run your photographer
The decision to hire the photographer for the big day becomes much easier for you after trying the photographer for the pre-wedding shoot. Getting to know your photographer, seeing the pictures of yourselves ahead of time will help build confidence in yourselves and your photographer, creating a shared level of trust.
6. Avoid hiring family or friends
Maybe you have a friend who is passionate about photography and has offered to shoot your wedding for free! Weddings are tough gig with a lot of variables. While this might turn out perfectly well, it is highly likely that this person will not have the technical skills and experience to give you the best photos. Also, consider if your friend would be able to spend all day, maybe 12-16 hours, behind the camera and not participating in the wedding as a guest. 
7. Reviews & testimonials
Reviews provide credibility and mitigates risk of anyone thinking about investing in what the photographers have to offer. The customers who have already worked with the photographer are in the best position to give their feedback. Going through a few reviews on the photographer’s social media or website will give you a feel of the experience working with the photographer.
With these tips, you are on your way to finding the best wedding photographer who could be the right fit to capture your special day.


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